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This time I made a pocket letter tutorial foor Viva Las VegaStamps. For a step by step photo tutorial look HERE.

P1010310 watermerk

Used materials:

stitching lines 19642

sawtooth stitching lines 19643

Whimsical horned boy 19688

Whimsical lady on bench 19691

she was.. 19632

an artist 19636

create art every day 19637

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Designed for Viva Las VegaStamps. For more information look at the blog.

P1010273 watermerk

and here is the inspiration board:


Look HERE for all the information about the challenge.

Used materials:

blood dripping 18961

mason jar 18957

May contain human Flesh 18954

skull 2403

Skelton Punk/Tombstone 860

Fountain pen 439


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Designed for Viva Las VegaStamps. For a step by step look at the blog.

P1010279 watermerk

Used materials

XO 19462

writing circles background 19567

large bird flying 19001


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Designed for Viva Las VegaStamps. For a step by step describtion you can have a look at the blog.

P1010139 watermerk

P1010141 watermerk

Used materials:

Flock of Geese 19465

Seek Paradise 19546

Boy in tub boat 19542




Lyra crayons


magical tape

foam tape


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Here the inspiration board for the august challenge at Viva las VegaStamps:

And here is my entry:

P1010138 watermerk

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Designed for Viva Las VegaStamps. For a step by stpe photo tutorial you can have a look at the BLOG.

P1010133 watermerk

Used materials:

Mason Jar 18957

Mounted Bird head 19163

Grunge Circles 19563

It’s your big day 19475


Dylyssions spray ink


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Designed for Viva las VegaStamps. For more photos and describtion you can have a look at the blog.

P1010107 watermerk

Used materials:

Face Collage 18378

Do all things with Love 19545


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Viva las VegaStamps and WOW! embossing powder are such great team together. I made a series of card using a spin and splash machine with refill distress inks and WOW! embossing powders, finishing off with beautiful Viva Las VegaStamps. For more inspiration you can have a look at the blog. A whole week of treat.

P1000798 watermerk

P1000799 watermerk

P1000801 watermerk

P1000802 watermerk

P1000796 watermerk

Here a close-up so you can seer the beautiful shimmer, Always hard to photograph, but in real life it looks awesome.


Used materials:

Wheeled Jester 18746

Dancing Lady 19183

Book signing by Brian Kesinger 19252

Double Coffee rings 19568



WOW! embossing powder: Lime Light Embossing Glitter WS23R, Metallic Gold Rich regular WC94R, Colour Blend Verdigris Regular WL05R and Primary Ebony Regular WH00R

Distress refill inks matching the colours of the powders

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P1010096 watermerk

Designed for Viva las VegaStamps. For a step by step photo tutorial you can have a look overhere.

Used materials:

Double Coffee rings 19568

Bubble wrap Texture 19566

Writing Circles Background 19567

Face Collage 18378


Kraft paper

Embossing powder

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This card designed for Viva las VegaStamps. For a step-by-step describtion you can look HERE.

P1010058 watermerk

P1010060 watermerk

P1010063 watermerk

Used materials:

modelling paste


Man and Dog sitting 18968

Vintage lighthouse 19288

Stazon black


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Art journal page designed for Viva las VegaStamps. For a step by step photo tutorial you can look HERE.

P1010036 watermerk

P1010037 watermerk

Used stamps:

plate 1455

tape X 19572

stitching 19575

girl with wings 19005

You had the power all along my dear 19464

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Today I show you some street art designed for Viva las VegaStamps. I really love the street arft Banksy makes and now I have some in my garden. For more information look at the blog.

P1000998 watermerkP1000999 watermerk

P1010002 watermerk

Used mtaerials:

Banksy Rat Gentleman 19606

Banksy Tire swing boy 19600

Banksy small 19597

Stazon Black

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The whole week Viva las VegaStamps teams up with Art Anthology and today its my turn. And I came up with this shrine:

P1000941 watermerk

P1000942 watermerk

P1000943 watermerk

I started to paint the wooden shrine with Velvet Dimensional Paint Reef at the top half and Gemstones Dimensional Paint Emerald at the bottom. Then I sprayed with Coloration spray Juicy at the bottom. Stamped Dandelion Head Silhouette 14103 with Stazon Black. Hand drew some stems and placed some studs in the middle. Made some accents with a white sharpie.

Then coloured the grungeboard swirl with Emerald and sprayd some Juicy, put some studs in it. Fasten it on the shrine with glue dots

Take two rectangled tags, cut the shape out of cardstock and coloured it with Juicy. Stamp on one the tex Be true 19197 and on the other one Life is Beautiful 18167 with Stazon Black.

Take a piece of cardstock and stamp Wheeley Rabbit 18377 , Elephant on ball 18374 and Wheeley Penguin 18375 with Stazon Black and colour them.

Glue the Penguin on the shrine and the Rabbit and Elepant on the tags. Glue the tags on the sides of the shrine.

Take some artificial flowers and glue them around the tags.

Hope you like it!


Warmly Hermine


To see what the design teams came up with all week have a look here:

Viva Las VegaStamps blog

Viva Las VegaStamps website

Viva Las VegaStamps Facebook

and the links for Art Anthology:

Art Antohology’s website

Art Anthology’s facebook

Art Anthology’s blog



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Made a tutorial for Viva Las VegaStamps, for more information and a step by step photo tutorial look af the Viva Las VegaStamps blog.

P1000900 watermerk

Used materials:


Clockface 19468

Cut fox in coat 19158

Writing circles background 19567

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Here my inspiration piece I designed for the april challenge at Viva Las VegaStamps.

P1000888 watermerk

P1000891 watermerk

And here is the inspriation board, for more information look at the blog.


Used materials:

Line of Grass 19549

Flock of Geese 19465

Boy in Cape 19036

Get Cape Wear Cape Fly 19292

Stars 19291


Ultra High Gloss Embossing Powder

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ieder jaar in de lente krijg ik weer de kriebels, opruimen, schoonmaken etc tot verdriet van mijn man want het huis moet altijd binnenste buiten gekeerd. Steeds op zoek naar opbergmogelijkheden voor mijn hobbyhokje kwam ik bij de Xenos dit fotorek tegen en zag meteen de mogelijkheden, dus fotolijstjes eruit, rolletjes twine erin. Bovenin had ik nog (nog wel ja) een gaatje dus heb de ster teruggehangen, natuurlijk niet zonder er even op te stempelen. Vond deze banksy zo leuk, maar toen nog een tekst, en kwam ik deze tegen, alsof hij ervoor gemaakt is, er staat “this is not a photo opportunity” hahaha. Perfect en het ziet er nog leuk uit ook, maar omdat hij voor de raam op mijn vensterbank staat is het wat lastig fotograferen.

P1000934 warwemwek

P1000935 watermerk

Stempels zijn allemaal van Viva Las VegaStamps

P1000940 watermerk

Hier even een fotolijstje voorgehangen zodat je een beetje een idee krijgt hoe het eruit zou kunnen zien, ook leuk natuurlijk, maar nu heb ik wel een superhandig rek waar ik in een handomdraai een stuk twine kan afrollen en knippen.

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Designed for Viva las VegaStamps. For a step by step describtion and more photos you can look HERE.

P1000841 watermerk

P1000842 watermerk

Used materials:

Whimsical Cyclops 19407

 Writing Circles Background 19567

Whimsical Acorn 19405



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Designed for Viva las VegaStamps. For a describtion look at the blog.

P1000867 watermerk

P1000868 watermerk

Used materials:

CharmairisLatifolia 18733

You Colour my World 19344


Mircale tape

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This CAS card with lots of layers designed for Viva Las VegaStamps. For a step by stpe photo tutorial you can look at the blog of Viva Las VegaStamps.

P1000837 watermerk

P1000838 watermerk

Used materials:

You are here 19178

Big Ben 19391

Double Coffee rings 19568

Victorian Flourish 19417

December Daily plate 1430

Stazon Black

High Gloss embossing powder


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Designed for Viva Las VegaStamps. For more information and step-by step look here.

P1000805 watermerk

P1000808 watermerk

Used materials


Clockface 19468

Large bird flying 19001

Ultra High Gloss clear embossingpowder

magical tape


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